Why Choose Us?

What Sets Forton Company Apart?

We know you have o when it comes to contracting an exterior cleaning service to clean your property's windows. There are a number of exterior cleaning services to choose from. So what makes Fostand out? We are a results driven  that works long term clients. Consider these factors before trusting just anyone to clean your property.
30+ Years of Experience in the High Rise Cleaning Industry
A large and Flexible Team of Experienced Technicians
Modern Equipment that is Maintained and Replaced Regularly
Knowledge of Effective Cleaning Solutions for any Task
The Proper Insurance for the Work Performed
Safety Policies to Ensure People and Property Are Protected


We take safety very seriously. We value life and limb over clean glass and concrete. This, unfortunately, sets us apart from our competition. Unlike some of our competitors we believe in the buddy system. Safety is our top priority. We do more than simply clean buildings quickly, we clean them properly. That means investing time in our crew to ensure we work efficiently but also safely.

Unbeknownst to many property managers and owners that have their windows cleaned or facade pressure washed unsafe practices are performed every day at many properties. These unsafe activities have become standard practice among today's high-rise window cleaning companies. Below we have listed a few of the practices that we avoid at Forton Company.
Our equipment complies with all ANSI guidelines.
We do not have techs working on buildings alone.
We do not use ropes older than 3 years old.
We attach our tools to our person so that they cannot be dropped.
We use cones and caution/danger tape to ensure our descent is clear.
We will not hang our ropes from any object that is not a dedicated anchor or structural beam/element capable of holding 5000 lbs. This includes AC framing, roof flashing, portable weights, etc.