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We provide chandelier cleaning to many commercial clients throughout the Eastern United States. Our professional cleaning service is performed at hotels and resorts, hospital facilities, government offices and anywhere there are delicate fixtures to be cleaned. We offer chandelier services that are thorough, regular and in compliance with local laws and regulations. We are experienced and equipped to handle fixtures of all shapes and sizes including sconces or ornate digital centerpieces in banquet halls, stairwells or even busy drives and entry ways.

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Do Your Crystals Shine?

Cleaning chandeliers is no easy task, especially if the fixture is mostly crystal. We have experience cleaning hundreds of crystal chandeliers and restoring their true brilliance. This type of fixture is very delicate and often quite complex, requiring experienced technicians with the right tools and knowledge to avoid damaging or mishandling them. Whether you have a simple sconce or a meeting hall full of crystal chandeliers we are here to help your pieces shine.
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"Our chandeliers now attract the right kind of attention rather than catching the eye with visible dust and webs. Great job! "

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Ladders and Lifts

Most of our clients have hard-to-reach fixtures that require large ladders or lifts to reach. We have decades of experience using these tools both inside and outside of our clients properties. Why is this important? Because our clients can trust that we will not damage their flooring whether carpet, tile, hardwood, or brick pavers. We are first of all, safety conscious and we aim to leave every property better than we found it.
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