Got Questions? We have the answers.

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What area do you service?
We service 12 of the Eastern United States. See our service area page here.
Are you insured?
Yes we carry full liability and workers compensation insurance. Our insurance certificates are available upon request.
What is the cost of your service?
Our service rates are competitive and depend on the scope of each individual project. We price based upon size, condition and access.
Do you use harsh chemicals?
We try to avoid using harsh chemicals unless the project demands it and only after client agrees to their use. Typically however, the harshest chemical we will use is a bleach-based solution to clean roofs or while pressure washing. We do not use harsh chemicals on glass.
Do I need to do anything to prepare for your visit?
We generally consult with you staff to determine what changes and notices should be made on-site prior to our service being performed. We generally do not move furniture or other client property. It is a good idea to inform staff, residents, guests or customers that we will be on-site cleaning.
Do you have a large enough team to service our large property?
Yes. We have employees working on various projects in many states at any given time. We have the manpower to complete nearly any project.
Do you offer maintenance plans?
Yes we do. In fact, the majority of our clients schedule our visits in advance and request regular window cleaning, pressure washing, chandelier cleaning or roof cleaning visits. Please let our representative know you are interested in ongoing work.